Pe’amim: Studies in Oriental Jewry

September 29, 2015

Pe’amim: Studies in Oriental Jewry (or “Studies on Jewish Heritage in the East”) constitutes a fundamental source of information on the history, cultures and folklore of the Jewish communities North Africa and the Middle East, written in Hebrew predominantly by Israeli scholars, and published by the Ben Zvi Institute (Jerusalem) since 1978. The Ben Zvi Institute started publishing digitized issues of this journal in its website in 2011.

Hebrew bibliographic heading:

 פעמים :  [כתב עת] פרקי עיון במורשת ישראל במזרח. (ירושלים : מכון בן צבי לחקר ישראל במזרח : המרכז לשילוב מורשת יהדות המזרח במשרד החינוך והתרבות), תשל”ט-.

Research tip: To research specific titles and subjects within Pe’amim, search RAMBI in Hebrew.



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