Shir Gal Kochavi

Shir Kochavi

Shir Kochavi
Shir Kochavi
Assistant Curator

Shir has been working and volunteering as a researcher in art institutions for the past ten years. She moved to the Bay Area from Israel four years ago, after working as a provenance researcher at the Company for Location and Restitution of Holocaust Victims' Assets for over four years. During her time there, she worked with numerous museums and archives in Israel and Europe. 

Shir recently received her PhD from the University of Leeds, UK (2017). She holds a MA in The History of Business of Art and Collecting, from the Institute D’Etudes Superieures des Arts, Paris (2008) and a second MA in Law Studies from the Bar Ilan University, Israel (2012).
Shir's experience includes a researcher position at the Contemporary Jewish Museum in San Francisco, an assistant position at Christie's auction house in Tel-Aviv and in contemporary art galleries and antiques galleries in Israel and in the UK.    

Shir participated in the following conferences:
- Jews on the Move: Exploring the Movement of Jews, Objects, Texts and Ideas in Space and Time (University of Edinburgh, Scotland, July, 2017)
- (Dis)Place: New Directions in the History of Art in Israel (Tel Aviv University, Israel, May 2017)
- Jewish Museologies and the Politics of Display (University of Leeds, UK, 2016).
- The International Forum on Restitution of Holocaust Era Cultural Assets in Israel (Tel Aviv, 2014).
- Provenance Research Training Program (Germany, 2012, Zagreb, 2013 and Vilnius, 2013).

Recently published paper:
- Artis On 7(2018) "Art and Power", pp. 67-77: The 1951 Diplomatic Gift: The Role of a German Eighteen Century Hanukkah  Lamp in Israeli-American Relations
- The International Journal of Art and Art History 3(1), pp.83-97: The Value of Objects: A Case Study in Material Culture (2015).]