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Bram Goodwin


Professional photographer specializing in journalism. His photos appear in the Jewish Bulletin of Northern California, Jerusalem Post, San Francisco Downtown, Boston Globe, Journal Francais d'Amerique, Aups, Axcess, Neue Presse, San Francisco Metropolitan, San Francisco Examiner, and online at various web sites.

Bram Goodwin also worked as a photographer for the Brown for SF Mayor and Ariana Huffington for California Governor Campaigns.

David Moss (b. 1946)

Illuminator, Animator and Transformer of Jewish texts, objects, spaces and souls

Artist David Moss (born 1946) was in residence at the Magnes from 1974 to 1977. Inspired by the Magnes collection, during his tenure he revived the practice of illustrating ketubbot (Jewish marriage contracts). David Moss currently lives and works in Jerusalem. 

The following resumé is taken from David Moss' website


Illuminator • Animator • Transformer of Jewish Texts, Objects, Spaces, and Souls