A Crown for a King. Studies in Jewish Art, History and Archaeology in Memory of Stephen S. Kayser

February 6, 2013


Dr. Stephen S. Kayser: A Personal Testimony — Grace Cohen Grossman, Los Angeles —
Stephen S. Kayser in Los Angeles: A Personal Memoir –William M. Kramer, Los Angeles —
Silver Ritual Objects of the Jewish Communities of the Ottoman Empire — Chaya Benjamin, Jerusalem —
The Synagogue of Conegliano Veneto — David Cassuto, Jerusalem —
Joel ben Simeon Revisited: Reflections of the Scribe’s Artistic Repertoire in a Cinquecentro Haggadah —
Evelyn M. Cohen, New York —
Between Phoenicia Maritima and the Land of Israel: The Population of a Frontier Zone in the Byzantine Period — Claudine Dauphin, Paris —
An Eighteenth-Century Hanukkah Lamp Rediscovered — Ruth Eis, Berkeley —
The Halakhic Motif in Jewish Iconography: The Matzah-Baking Cycles of the Yahuda and Second Niirnberg Haggadahs — Steven Fine, Baltimore —
Myth and Scripture: The Dialoghi dAmore of Leone Ebreo — Shoshanna Gershenzon, Los Angeles —
Joseph ben Kalonymus: The Enigma of a Thirteenth-Century Hebrew Scribe — Joseph Gutmann, Detroit —
Chagall and J.M. Synge — Avram Kampf Haifa —
Hugo Ballin, Artist and Director — William M. Kramer, Los Angeles —
“I Am an American and a Good Jew, Too,” Reuben M. Eschwege: A German Jewish Folk Artist in America — Steven M. Lowenstein, Los Angeles —
“Defining Jewish Art” The Case of Two Eighteenth-Century Bookcovers — Vivian B. Mann, New York —
The Illustrated Prayer Book of Reizele Binge of Fiirth, 1737/38 — Shalom Sabar, Jerusalem.

xvi, 219 p. : ill. ; 25 cm.

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Shalom Sabar
Steven Fine

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Berkeley-Jerusalem-New York

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Judah L. Magnes Museum and Gefen Publishing House


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