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Paul Christian Kirchner, Jüdisches Ceremoniel (1724)

The detailed description of Jewish ceremonial customs by Kirchner, a Jewish convert to Christianity, first published in 1717, was re-edited by the Christian Hebraist, Sebastian Jugendres (1685-1765), in 1724.

The new edition included twenty-eight copperplate engravings (nine signed by Johann Georg Puschner) depicting a variety of Jewish rituals, including events marking the Life Cycle and synagogue and communal life. The illustrations are accompanied by four pages of legends that clarify them in detail.

The engravings may have been made in the workshop of Johann Georg Puschner the Elder (1680-1749), by himself or by his son (also called Johann Georg).


Paul Christian Kirchner Sebastian Jugendres (1685-1765) Johann Georg Puschner (1680-1749)

Collection #

RB 21

Publication Date

June 3, 1724

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