Tzedakah box [alms container] inscribebd in honor of Mosheh ha-kohen, Turkey, 1878-1879. 2009-2013. 83.56.2.
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Lilienthal (Ernest) photograph collection, ca. 1880-1921

Ernest Lilienthal (b. 1910-d.1993) was the son of Samuel Lilienthal and Alice Haas. He served, for a time, as president and chairman of the board of Haas Brothers.

The collection consists of photographs taken of members of the Haas-Lilienthal family and other prominent San Francisco families. Includes photographs of Jesse Warren Lilienthal, Ernest Reuben Lilienthal, Louis Sloss, and Milton Esberg. Also contains a photograph of Gustave Niebaum, Lewis Gerstle, and Louis Sloss in the San Francisco office of the Alaska Commercial Company.


Lilienthal, Ernest


1 oversize box (.4 linear feet)

Collection #

BANC PIC 2011.011

Publication Date

May 14, 1880

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