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Ladensohn (Virginia) family papers and photographs, 1880-1937

Virginia Hoppe Ladensohn was born in San Francisco to Herbert Hoppe (April 10, 1883-July 1, 1961) and Bertha Neumann (October 3, 1885-January 24, 1936) in 1909. She graduated from Girls’ High School in San Francisco in 1926 and married Burton Ladensohn in 1935. She was an active volunteer in the San Francisco community and the chairperson of her Girls’ High School reunions. She died in 2010.

This collection contains materials about members of the Hoppe, Neumann, Ladensohn, and Greenberg families. It includes photographs of Virginia Hoppe Ladensohn and her husband, Burton Ladensohn, her parents, Bertha Neumann and Herbert Hoppe, and her grandparents, Rosa Keller Neumann and Gustave Neumann; a receipt for the rental of a safe deposit box from the Central Trust Company of Oakland, California, dated April 25, 1906, just after the Neumann family was burned out of their Vallejo Street home in the San Francisco earthquake and fire; a wedding invitation, marriage license, and newspaper announcements for the wedding of Bertha Neumann and Herbert Hoppe (June 9, 1907); invitations to the wedding of Virginia Hoppe and Burton Ladensohn (at Sherith Israel in 1935); a check for one hundred dollars given by Solomon Neumann to Bertha Neumann Hoppe on the occasion of her wedding (1907); letters of recommendation for Herbert Hoppe; a wedding invitation for Virginia’s sister, Audrey, and Roy Greenberg (May 2, 1937); an invitation to and program for a graduation ceremony at San Francisco’s Girl’s High School (January 19, 1927); information relating to the Hotel Benbow in Benbow, California; and printed ephemera from Neumann Preserve Works.


Ladensohn, Virginia


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BANC MSS 2010/567

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June 16, 1880

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