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Block (Gertrude) papers, 1912-1970

Gertrude Block (originally Bloch) was born in Mannheim, Germany in 1893 to Salomon Bloch and Bertha Buhler. She immigrated to England in 1939 and then to the U.S. in 1940 and settled in California. While in Germany, she trained as both a nurse and kindergarten teacher.

Letters of recommendation from Germany and England testifying to Gertrude’s Block’s skills as a nurse and kindergarten matron, including a letter from the Head Nurse of the Society of Jewish Nurses in Frankfurt, Germany; a 1939 Nazi passport; Gertrude Block’s last will and testament (written in 1956 in San Francisco by the Dinkelspiel and Dinkelspiel law firm); photographs; biographical and genealogical information, including a family tree; personal correspondence; and papers concerning the membership of Gertrude’s father in an Odd Fellow’s Lodge in Mannheim and the death of her parents


Block, Gertrude, 1893-1970


1 folder.

Collection #

BANC MSS 2010/562

Publication Date

January 1, 1912

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