Designing the New Magnes

For almost half a century, the Judah L. Magnes Museum devoted its efforts to welcoming visitors by offering a wide array of exhibitions and public programs on the history and the cultures of the Jews in the Global Diaspora and the American West in its beloved location situated in the Elmwood residential neighborhood of Berkeley.

The gift of the collection to the University of California, Berkeley and the establishment of The Magnes Collection of Jewish Art and Life at The Bancroft Library, is enhanced by the development of a new facility, located in downton Berkeley, near the UC Berkeley Campus and public transportation.

The new building, designed by Peter Pfau of PfauLong Architecture (San Francisco), is scheduled to open in January of 2012. The facility, which will incorporate areas for displaying the permanent collection, for exhibitions and public programs, as well as collection study, seminar and meeting rooms, is being designed around an innovative principle of open collection storage

The Magnes team is hard at work designing every aspect of the new facility. Using, The Magnes is now sharing preliminary drawings, ideas, texts, that allow the public to follow closely the development of our project. Short videos tracking construction progress are also being created and shared. 

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