Students & Volunteers

A page devoted to the wonderful individuals, including UC Berkeley students, students at other institutions, and skilled professionals, who continue to invest their time, patience and expertise to further the mission of The Magnes Collection of Jewish Art and Life. Among those listed here are the UC Berkeley undergraduate students who participate in the Undergraduate Apprentice Research Program (URAP) at The Magnes. 


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Xinyi Chen

Undergraduate Intern (2018)

Xinyi Chen is an undergraduate student at Cornell University (Class of 2017). She plans to major in Near Eastern Studies and minor in Jewish Studies. In the academic year of 2014, she received the Herman and Phoebe Karpel Memorial Prize in recognition of superior performance in learning Modern Hebrew. Xinyi has been writing about current affairs in Israel as well as Jewish history, and working as a core member in a non-profit media organization that aims to the understanding of Israel in China, with a personal concentration in news, peace progress, art and literature.