San Francisco Jewish Family in the Redwoods (California, ca. 1900)

San Francisco Jewish Family in the Redwoods (California, ca. 1900)

Photograph of the Gerstley family from the Sophie and Theodore Lilienthal papers in the Magnes' Western Jewish Americana Archives.

Sophie Gerstle Lilienthal was the daughter of Lewis (Lob) Gerstle and Hannah (Johannah) Greenebaum, of San Francisco. On 27 Aug. 1879, she married Theodore Max Lilienthal. Lilienthal was the director of Lilienthal Brothers, hops and grain, of New York.

The collection contains a photograph album holding photographs of many prominent Jewish families, including, but not limited to, the following families: Mack; Sloss; Bissinger; Lilienthal; Greenewald; Greenebaum; Gerstle (Gerstley); Heilbronner; Bransten; Dinkelspiel; Steinhart; Seligman; Weinstock; Walter; Cauffman; Falk; Bucki; Laufer; Jacobi; Ehrman; Heineman; and Colman and photographs of Toby Rosenthal and Thomas Edison.

The collection also contains two hundred and fifty-two letters that Theodore sent to and received from Sophie and eight others that he sent to and received from other members of his family and his personal friends. Theodore's letters to Sophie illuminate his deep love and devotion to her, and his beliefs that a woman's place in society and within her own marriage should be determined by her husband and that a wife should practice frugality and order. Also contains a menu from Theodore and Sophie's wedding, as well as a bill from San Francisco's Palace Hotel. Besides containing many poems that Theodore wrote to and gave to Sophie, it also has one poem that he sent to his father, Rabbi Max Lilienthal, in 1880, on the occasion of Max's twenty-fifth jubilee as rabbi of Cincinnati's Congregation Bene Israel.

Collection no. WJHC 1967.19 ar1
File name: wjhc1967-019-ar1-001_2

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